Unwanted Pest Removal


1. How can I prepare my home for my inspection?

  • Clear the areas under sinks in the kitchens & bathrooms.
  • Clear an area around the exterior of the house two feet is a good rule of thumb.
  • Clear an area around the interior wall of the garage. Again, two feet is a good amount of space where the inspector can work.
  • Trim back any bushes or ground cover that conceals the walls or foundation.
  • Ensure that the access opening to the attic is not blocked by storage. If the access is located in a closet, please clear the closet.
  • If your home is built on a raised foundation, the inspector will go under the house. Be sure the access opening to the subarea is clear.
Pest Be Gone

2. Do I need to leave my home for pest control treatment?

  • It's better to leave your home, but once we have had a chance to look at your property, we will advise you if it is necessary to leave, or only to avoid specific areas until any treated surfaces have had time to dry. Let us know if you are sensitive to chemicals or smells, if you have pets, or organic gardens requiring extra care. We also take care to avoid exposure to fish ponds, which can be very sensitive to chemicals. If your home requires fumigation, we suggest that you be out of your house for several days.

3. Are the chemicals you use during treatment safe for my family and pets?

  • Every pesticide requires that pets and people avoid treated surfaces until they've dried. Once dry, the material will not be easily transferred to paws or human skin


4. Where are the bugs coming from, especially since I keep my house clean?

  • Many areas around home exteriors can attract pests. These areas may include vents, windows, eaves, debris, landscaping, etc.





Live Trapping

5. I can't see any damage to my house, do I really need pest control services?

  • Some pest issues can remain unseen for years at a time--especially termite infestations. At the least, we suggest a regular inspection of your property for damage from termites.





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